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Christmas Dinner Pre-Orders

This year we thought it might be a good idea to offer you Christmas Dinner. Starting on December 17th and running to December 22nd we will be taking orders that will be pick-up from our location on Christmas Eve (pick-up times will begin at Noon and run until 5 pm). 

If you are looking for a meal larger than the guest counts below, you may need to order based on the guest count and purchase the bundles to add up to your guest count.

Modifications are not available on these menus, however, if there are allergies please get in touch with us directly (this will require a telephone call, we will not respond to Facebook Messages or Email inquiries) PRIOR to placing an order to see if we are able to modify the meal accordingly.



Garlic knotts
smoked Brisket & Smoked Pulled Pork
Mac & Cheese & SH&G Slaw 
smokey bbq sauce & jalapeno mango bbq sauce
Assorted Individual Desserts



Duck Fat CArnitas & Beef Barbacoa
Refried Beans & Arroz Mexicana
Pico de Gallo & Salsa Roja
Assorted Individual Desserts


The following are the bundles for the Christmas Dinners. Each bundle will come with specific protien weights and piece counts and will not be upgaradeable. In otherwords, the package is as it appears below.

Dinner for 4

Dinner for 6

Dinner for 8

1 lb. each protein / 1 X 32 oz of each side dish /       4 x Garlic Knotts or 8 Tostadas / 12 oz of each sauce/   1 x 6 inch Ice Cream Cake

1.5 lb. each protein / 2 X 32 oz of each side dish /  6 x Garlic Knotts or 12 Tostadas / 26 oz of each sauce/ 1 x 8 inch Ice Cream Cake

All Dinners 
per person
plus applicable taxes

2 lb. each protein / 2 X 32 oz of each side dish /   10 x Garlic Knotts or 20 Tostadas / 26 oz of each sauce/ 1 x 10 inch Ice Cream Cake

This promotion is subject to availability, once we have sold out we will close the sales off, so it is a really good idea to book sooner rather than later

Here is what you need to do!

All orders MUST include all of the information listed below, if any of the information is missing, we will NOT honour the order.

1. Name (first & Last), Phone Number, Email Address

2. Pick your bundle (if you want to order more than one bundle, please specify.

3. Declare a Pick-Up Time (please note, if you are unable to pick up your order until after 5 pm, on December 24th, please do not order as we will not be open passed that time.

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