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The new way to party

We are always looking for any opportunity to stand out, as such, we take the catering game, a bit differently. It's probably easier to tell you what we don't do.

We don't...

Give you a pre-fixed menu and walk away, we love to build a unique and customized event experience.

Digitally interface with our clients, we are all about direct contact.

We don't play Email Tag.

How does it work

It is as easy as filling out the contact sheet and waiting, or picking up your phone (not that it isn't in your hand right now) and dial our number.

Once you have done this, the process has begun. Then we are all yours. We set up a telephone consultation and chat about what you are looking for in terms of an Event Experience.

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What we can do!

Is it too glib to just say; everything? Maybe, but it would not be inaccurate. The SH&G Culinary Crew is all about accepting the challenges that clients can bring to us. We are new, but we do not lack experience so if you need to know what SH&G can do, it seems you will just have to fill out the form below!

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That was AWESOME! You are now on your way to planning the bestest ever event in the history of bestest ever events!